„Panel Discussion 102“


Panel Discussion 102

„Global Leadership Network“


Networks and Communities emerge when the same identity and vision are shared. In other words, in order to grow in having an identity and a vision, networks and communities are necessary. Thus spiritual networks form a community, many communities build a society and when spiritual societies gather a whole spiritual nation will arise. By saying this, World Mission is fulfilled through spiritual networking.

The topic of tonights panel discussion is „Global Leadership Network“. As we think about this topic, let us pray to build a network as bible teachers and global leaders, by following Jesus’ world mission command and by taking hostship and stewardship in actively participating and serving world mission.


1. Why is it important to build networks for UBF 2nd Genernation Missionaries, who live with the identity and vision as bible teachers and global leaders? Why is it important to build spiritual networks?

2. What is the relation between these networks and Jesus’ World Mission Command?

3. Do you think that UBF 2nd Generation Missionaries can serve our ministry with stewardship, moreover churches and other mission organizations through building global leadership networks? If yes, than why? If no, than why not?

4. Talk about the benefits of building networks among UBF New Generations. Talk also about the disadvantages.

5. Give „in life“ examples of how UBF 2nd Generations can participate in World Mission through global networks.

6. Do you know bible passages mentioning global leadership networks?

7. Why is it important to keep and maintain those networks?

8. What are the specific challenges in building a global leadership network of the New Generation?



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