1 Samuel Lection 1 „God Looked upon Hannah’s Misery“

God Looked upon Hannah’s Misery

1 Samuel       1:1 – 2:11

Key Verse       1:11

* Hannah’s  prayer and the birth of Samuel (1:1-18)

1.   Describe Elkanah‘s family. What does this family show about the life in those days? (Judg 21:25; 1 Sam 3:16) When were the most difficult times for Hannah?  What did she do in these times?  What can we learn from her? (1 Jn 5:14,15; Mk 11:24)

2.   How and why was she misunderstood by Eli, the priest?  What shows her faith? How did God answer her prayer?  Why did she name her son Samuel?

* Hannah keeps her vow (1:19 – 2:11)

3.   How did Hannah keep her vow?  What do you think about her decision of faith to dedicate her only son to God?

4.   How did God bless Hannah when she kept her vow?  What can we learn about God’s character through Hannah’s prayer?


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