Deutsche Leiterkonferenz 2011 in Wiesbaden

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The 2011 German Leaders Conference was held in Wiesbaden from February 9th (Wed) to 12th (Sat). 62 missionaries and national leaders came together to share ministry reports and to build a vessel of prayer for the spiritual revival of Germany and Europe.

The conference title was “Spiritual Revival in Mizpa” based on 1 Sam 7:3. UBF chapters of Rhein-Main region – Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt and Darmstadt – hosted the conference together. The conference began on Wednesday evening by a string ensemble performance of 7 2nd generations from Mainz and Wiesbaden. It showed us the vision that a little spark of prayer in Germany would ignite a great fire of spiritual revival in Europe. Based on Philippians 3:13.14, Msn. Samuel Peter Ryu from Mainz UBF gave the greeting message with the title: “Pressing on toward the goal.” Msn. Augustine Kim from Wiesbaden gave a presentation introducing the UBF ministries in the Rhein-Main region. In the Rhein-Main region 26 missionaries and 24 second generations are co-working in 7 UBF chapters in 4 cities. He asked prayer support for pioneering 12 universities in the Rhein-Main region and for raising 1 ancestor of faith and 12 disciples of Jesus in each chapter. He also mentioned that the Rhein-Main region with around 200 Korean companies plays an important role for self-supporting of missionaries.

On the Thursday morning, the official program of the conference began by Dr. Peter Chang’s opening message based on Ezra 7:10. His main message was “Go back to God’s mission!” and “Go back to the Bible!” Europe is being rapidly secularized through humanism and materialism, and Islam is advancing mightily everywhere in Europe. Europe really needs UBF – Bible teachers with a broken shepherd heart. Through the impact of one man Ezra’s decision on the history of Israel, we learned that our significant decision of faith to live as a bible teacher for European people will bring about the spiritual revival in Germany and Europe.

After the message staff shepherds and missionaries from 14 chapters in Germany shared their ministry reports, New Year’s Key Verse, and prayer topics. We thank God for blessing our 1:1 Bible study and disciple making ministry last year and sending hopeful Bible students to Bible study and worship service. Last year, a new chapter, Darmstadt II, was pioneered by the house church of Msn. Joshua and Msn. Paulina Kim. Eleven next generation co-workers in Germany UBF decided to live as Jesus’ disciples. We also thank God for his mighty work among the “New Gens” in Germany and Europe through the European New Generation Global Leadership Forum. They could learn spiritual leadership and they are now building a vessel of the Holy Spirit through the Hope Explorer Bible Study every month.

On the afternoon there were some special reports. Shep. Stefan Elsholz reported about the European Directors Conference in Vienna, Msn. Petrus Chang about the European New Generation Global Leadership Forum, Msn. Hanna Ryu about the PR ministry, and Msn. Peter Lee about the discipleship ministry in Europe. Especially Peter Lee’s report encouraged all attendants greatly by showing that it is possible to pioneer all 1,700 campuses in Europe within 10 years.

After the special reports we studied 1 Samuel 7 in six groups. On the evening, Shep. Joachim Dietzel from Bonn UBF gave the 1st main lecture, “Spiritual Revival in Mizpa.” He stated that repentance is a prerequisite for a spiritual revival. He said that we have to cast out the idols of humanism, materialism, and hedonism from our hearts through daily repentance and serve the Lord only. This message clearly taught us that Germany needs Bible teachers like Samuel.

On the Friday morning after the group bible study on Philippians 2 Shep. Eberhard Groß from Cologne UBF delivered the 2nd main lecture „the humble attitude of Christ Jesus.” Jesus, being in very nature God, made himself nothing, and took the very nature of a servant, and became obedient to death on a cross. The message moved and encouraged our mission co-workers to learn Jesus’ humbleness and to build a holy vessel of co-working for German campus mission with one heart and mind.

In the afternoon, we had time to write testimonies deeply and share them in groups. Many co-workers shared their testimonies with tears of repentance. In the evening Msn. Hudson Kim from Mainz spoke about Revelations 2:4,5 with the title „Restore your first love“. He challenged us to restore the pure and genuine first love with a burning heart. Shep. Elke Dietzel from Bonn UBF, Msn. Wynelle Nett from Cologne UBF and Msn. Deborah You from Freiburg UBF shared their graceful testimonies. Their testimonies of tears moved and challenged many co-workers to decide by faith to serve the Lord only. There were some presentations on “self-supporting ministry“ and “co-working.“ Msn. Daniel Park from Dusseldorf UBF gave us a presentation on his brief life testimony and the lessons he learned through his professional life. Shep. Xenofon Grigoriadis of Bonn UBF also testified how he learned faith through the self supporting mission. Msn. Stephanus Park from Bonn UBF gave a special lecture about co-working and we learned the importance of co-working for winning the spiritual blessing.

On the Saturday morning, Msn. Markus Kum from Cologne UBF II gave a special lecture with the title „Spiritual Revival in Europe.“ He summarized the lecture of Dr. John Park from Kwang-Ju UBF II, which he gave on the European Directors’ Conference in Vienna this January. We were very encouraged to sacrifice ourselves for European mission learning that we are like the cows of Beth Shemesh who bring the word of God to Europe. After breakfast, Sh. Markus Abel from Heidelberg gave a message based on Philippians 1:9-14 “For the advancement of the gospel.” He encouraged us to live a life preaching the word of God in abundant love although we may be chained through our career and family, because God’s word is not chained.

Msn. Peter Oh, Hamburg and Kiel UBF-director delivered the closing message on John 21:15. In his final announcements Dr. Peter Chang emphasized that a repentance movement should come before a spiritual revival. He stressed that for a spiritual revival in Germany UBF-bible teachers are urgently needed. After the conference we had the chance to visit the Rhein-Main University at Wiesbaden together. On the campus we earnestly prayed for the raising up 1 Abraham and 1 Sarah of faith through the house church of Msn. Augustine Kim and Msn. Gideon Kim.

This 2011 German Leaders’ Conference in Wiesbaden can be summarized with one word: “Revival through repentance.” During the conference, we could see God’s great hope and vision for the spiritual revival of Germany and Europe, because the leaders humbly repented their sins before God and earnestly prayed for their personal restoration to imitate the attitude of Christ. The leaders repented their sins of idol-worship, lack of love, pride and unbelief and renewed their decision to live as an excellent Bible teacher, who can defend the Gospel against relativism, godless humanism and secularism. As the leaders repented with tears, the conference atmosphere became much brighter with lots of laughter and joyful faces. Also, it was very encouraging to see that Next Generation co-workers are actively participating in the ministry. Special reports given by some Next Generation co-workers clearly showed that they are growing as Bible teachers, who will serve the disciple making ministry as leaders in the near future.

As conclusion, we could see that God has already begun to revive Germany and Europe. May God ignite the fire of repentance among us and raise up 10,000 Bible teachers in Europe for pioneering 1700 Campuses. May God make Germany a Shepherd Nation and Europe a Missionary sending continent!

by Dr. Peter Chang


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