„Panel Discussion 101“


Panel Discussion 101

“Bible Teachers as Global Leaders”

(Ezra 7:10)


Our God, in his sovereignty, has chosen us to be children of missionaries and through the work of the Holy Spirit, called us to be bible teachers.

Paul and the apostels taught the word of God and so were bible teachers. But also the ancestors of faith like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua and all the prophets and all the evangelists somehow taught the word of God and so also were bible teachers. The bible shows us in many ways that those bible teachers can be considered in our terms as global leaders of their times.

During the first night of our ENGL we could see through the life of Mother Sarah Barry that in fact bible teachers are global leaders. Hence tonight we want to have a discussion with the theme “Bible Teachers and Global Leaders” and think about the „identity“ and „vision“ we should have.


1. What is the identity of a bible teacher? And what the vision?

2. Why is this clear identity and vision so important for a 2nd gen missionary?

3. What are the characteristics of such a bible teacher?

4. What is a global leader, what are the qualities of such a person? And in which way can a bible teacher be seen as a global leader?

5. Which meaning has the spiritual heritage of the first Generation in UBF for those New Generations who live with the identity and vision as bible teachers and global leaders?

6. Who are examples living with the identity and vision as bible teachers and global leaders?

7. Do you live with the identity as a bible teacher called by God? Furthermore do you have the identity and vision to be used as a global leader serving this generation?

8. And why is it so important to live with this identity and vision?



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